The Orland family - 1881 Census
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1881 Census of the Orland family

Census taken on the night of 3rd April 1881

Relatives highlighted in bold are direct ancestors of our Coventry family.

| Winwick, Northamptonshire | West Haddon, Northamptonshire | Welford, Northamptonshire | Weedon, Northamptonshire | Teeton, Northamptonshire | Notton, Yorkshire | Northampton, Northamptonshire | London | Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire | Heyford, Northamptonshire | Guilsborough, Northamptonshire | Great Creaton, Northamptonshire | Floore, Northamptonshire | Dallington, Northamptonshire | Coaton, Northamptonshire | Barby, nr Rugby, Northamptonshire |

Winwick, Northamptonshire 1881

NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
Mary Orland78 Head Waits Upon Family Enderby, Leicester 
Ellen Orland47 Daughter  Winwick, Northamptonshire 
Esmy Orland45 Son Ag. Lab. Winwick, Northamptonshire 
NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
William Orland70 Head Ag. Lab. Winwick, Northamptonshire 

West Haddon, Northamptonshire 1881

NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
John Dunkley28 Head Shoemaker Walton Holt, Leicester 
Mary J. Dunkley26 Wife  Winwick, Northamptonshire 
Annie J. DunkleyDaughter   West Haddon, Northamptonshire 
Jane Orland66 Mother in Law # In Receipt Of Parish Relief Creaton, Northamptonshire 
NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
Thomas Orland47 Head Ag. Lab. Winwick, Northamptonshire 
Mary Orland54 Wife  West Haddon, Northamptonshire 
NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
Charles A. Orland32 Head Shepherd Winwick, Northamptonshire 
Eleanor Orland26 Wife  Winwick, Northamptonshire 
Ann E. OrlandDaughter   Long Lawford, Warwickshire 
Josiah B. OrlandSon   West Haddon, Northamptonshire 
Emma M. OrlandDaughter   West Haddon, Northamptonshire 
John G. Orland6m Son   West Haddon, Northamptonshire 
NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
George Orland30 Head Ag. Lab. Winwick, Northamptonshire 
Elizabeth Orland25 Wife  Church Stowe, Northamptonshire 
Walter G. OrlandSon   West Haddon, Northamptonshire 
NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
John M. Orland23 Head Ag. Lab. Winwick, Northamptonshire 
Elizabeth Orland21 Wife  Kilsby, Northamptonshire 
NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
William Orland23 Head Ag. Lab. West Haddon, Northamptonshire 
Alice Orland24 Wife  West Haddon, Northamptonshire 
Herbert J. OrlandSon   West Haddon, Northamptonshire 

Welford, Northamptonshire 1881

NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
Alfred Mortimer25 Head Ag. Lab. Creaton, Northamptonshire 
Charlotte M. Mortimer24 Wife Stay Maker Winwick, Northamptonshire 
Elizabeth MortimerDaughter   Welford, Northamptonshire 

Weedon, Northamptonshire 1881

NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
Elizabeth Orland44 Wife (Head) Builders Wife Buckby, Northamptonshire 

Teeton, Northamptonshire 1881

NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
Edward Orland69 Head Miller & Farmer Of 34 Acres Teeton, Northamptonshire 
Mary A. Orland54 Wife Miller & Farmers Wife Coaton, Northamptonshire 

Notton, Yorkshire 1881

Notton Station:
See the 1891 Census at 37 Spout Lane, Flore: This is actually the Orland family. One can only wonder why they are recorded here as SMITH !
NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
Charles Smith33 Head Railway Lab. Flore, Northamptonshire 
Fanny Smith30 Wife  Flore, Northamptonshire 
Ann SmithDaughter  Scholar Dronfield, Derbyshire 
Thomas SmithSon   Whittington, Derbyshire 
Sarah SmithDaughter   Whittington, Derbyshire 
Thomas Hold25 Brother-in-law Railway Lab. Flore, Northamptonshire 
Caroline M. Hold18 Sister  Dronfield, Derbyshire 
Jane HoldNeice   Dronfield, Derbyshire 
James Hold21 Brother-in-law Railway Lab. Flore, Northamptonshire 
George Virgo25 Boarder Railway Signalman Newnham, Gloucester 

Northampton, Northamptonshire 1881

NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
William Fox38 Head Butcher Northampton, Northamptonshire 
Louisa Fox39 Wife Butchers Wife Bristol, Gloucester 
Louisa E. Fox10 Daughter   Northampton, Northamptonshire 
William P. FoxSon   Flors, Northamptonshire 
Clara FoxDaughter   Flors, Northamptonshire 
Annie FoxDaughter   Northampton, Northamptonshire 
Charles J. Fox3w Son   Northampton, Northamptonshire 
William T. Orland16 Servant  Butcher Floore, Northamptonshire 
Faith Dyke16 Servant  General Servant Stoke Bruerne, Northamptonshire 

London 1881

NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
William Lyford31 Head Upholsterer London, Middlesex 
Elizabeth Lyford31 Wife  London, Middlesex 
William LyfordSon   London,Middlesex 
Elizabeth LyfordDaughter   London, Middlesex 
Annie LyfordDaughter   London, Middlesex 
Frederick LyfordSon   London, Middlesex 
George Orland20 Boarder  Upholsterer Brighton 
George Hottott25 Boarder    
Phillips30 Boarder  N K  
NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
George Orland42 Head Labourer Floore, Northamptonshire 
Ellen Orland41 Wife  Floore, Northamptonshire 
Alfred OrlandSon   St Pancras, Middlesex 
Henry Whittaker22 Son in Law # Labourer Floore, Northamptonshire 
Walter Whittaker16 Son in Law # Labourer Marylebone, Middlesex 
Robert Garfoot34 Boarder Labourer Greetham, Rutland 
James Garfoot35 Boarder Upholsterer  

Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire 1881

NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
John Pearsall61 Head Farmer 275 Ac Innkeeper Oldbury, Worcester 
Emma M. Hall52 Servant Housekeeper Olney, Northamptonshire 
Anne Phiplick (?)52 Sister Visitor Oldbury, Worcester 
Samuel Phiplick (?)26 Nephew Farmers Nephew Leicester, Leicester 
Mary A. Orland18 Servant General Domestic Ser West Haddon, Northamptonshire 
William Green38 Traveller General Lab Chattris, Cambridge 

Heyford, Northamptonshire 1881

NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
Ann Orland59 Head Housekeeper For Son Little Creaton, Northamptonshire 
Edward Orland33 Son Miller Corn Holdenby, Northamptonshire 
John Smallwood23 Son in Law Carpenter Napton, Warwickshire 
Emma Smallwood25 Daughter  Holdenby, Northamptonshire 
NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
James Tibbs33 Head Coal Merchant Heyford, Northamptonshire 
Sarah A. Tibbs33 Wife  Boughton, Northamptonshire 
Louis F.L. Orland14 Nephew   Floore, Northamptonshire 

Guilsborough, Northamptonshire 1881

NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
Alfred J. Brown27 Head Plumber Etc Bugbrook, Northamptonshire 
Edmond E. BrownSon   Guilsborough, Northamptonshire 
Elizabeth A. Buswell22 Sister Housekeeper Brixworth, Northamptonshire 
Edward Orland20 Apprentice Plumbers Apprentice Teeton, Northamptonshire 
William Chambers17 Apprentice Plumbers Apprentice Maidford, Northamptonshire 

Great Creaton, Northamptonshire 1881

NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
John Orland74 Head Farmer Occ 95 Acres Teeton, Northamptonshire 
Mary Orland62 * Wife  Creaton, Northamptonshire 
John Orland24 Son Farmer Creaton, Northamptonshire 
Joseph H. Orland14 Son  Farmers Son Creaton, Northamptonshire 
Ann Gammage20 Servant Domestic Serv Ravensthorpe, Northamptonshire 
NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
Edward Orland48 # Head Ag. Lab. Creaton, Northamptonshire 
Ann Orland41 Wife  Thornby, Northamptonshire 

Floore, Northamptonshire 1881

Kings Lane:
NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
Thomas Green Orland39 Head Builder Out Of Work Floore, Northamptonshire 
Alice Orland19 Daughter Housekeeper Floore, Northamptonshire 
Elizabeth M. OrlandDaughter   Floore, Northamptonshire 
Florance A. OrlandDaughter   Floore, Northamptonshire 
Blanche OrlandDaughter   Floore, Northamptonshire 
Sutton Street:
NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
William Orland69 Head Master Mason Floore, Northamptonshire 
William G. Orland34 Son Mason Floore, Northamptonshire 
Henry Orland27 Son Mason Floore, Northamptonshire 
Orlando OrlandGr. Son   Floore, Northamptonshire 
Sarah Amos29 Daughter Bakers Wife Floore, Northamptonshire 
Samuel Amos29 Son in Law Baker Floore, Northamptonshire 
Mary E. Amos2m Gr. Daughter   Floore, Northamptonshire 
Sutton Yard:
NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
John Orland66 Head Bricklayer & Ringer Floore, Northamptonshire 
Mary Orland66 Wife Laundress Long Buckby, Northamptonshire 
Elizabeth Botterill11 Gr. Daughter   Floore, Northamptonshire 

Dallington, Northamptonshire 1881

NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
George Cole53 Head Labourer Dallington, Northamptonshire 
Ann Cole51 Wife Labourer Enderby, Leicester 
John Cole23 Son Labourer Dallington, Northamptonshire 
Henry Cole16 Son Labourer Dallington, Northamptonshire 
Charles Cole11 Son   Dallington, Northamptonshire 
Caroline ColeDaughter   Dallington, Northamptonshire 
Frederick ColeSon   Dallington, Northamptonshire 

Coaton, Northamptonshire 1881

NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
Mary Orland53 Head  Teeton, Northamptonshire 

Barby, nr Rugby, Northamptonshire 1881

Barby Cum Onley:
NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
Thomas Lissaman83 Head Retired Ag. Lab. Barby, Northamptonshire 
Jane Lissaman74 Wife  Winwick, Northamptonshire 
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