Genealogy of the Orland family

February 2024
18th Added more family into the 1911, 1921 and 1939 censuses
7th  Added some family into the 1939 census

October 2023
7th  Added some family into the 1921 census

April 2023
9th  Improved family tree viewer with pan and zoom
8th  Willyam Orland's wife's name, Annis (Agnes) corrected from Ann on the Leicestershire & Rutland page

November 2022
29th Now able to fully edit tags and descriptions in the Family Gallery
28th Tags now added to photos in the Family Gallery
23rd Pressing the "Esc" key now returns to the image list when viewing a photo in the Family Gallery
21st Family Gallery added
17th Improvements to the GEDCOM viewer

June 2022
20th  Added old postcard photos to illustrate the West Haddon Orlands page
11th  Added old postcard photo of Belton-in-Rutland church to the Leicestershire Orlands page

May 2022
19th  Added old postcard photos to illustrate the Leicestershire Orlands page

July 2020
6th  Fixed member log-in system and secured account details using encryption

January 2018
7th  The GEDCOM viewer family trees now display second marriages, with children colour coded

July 2017
7th  Orland/Ireland naming evidence page updated with the final conclusion
6th  Major revision of the Orland family taking us back to the late 1500s

July 2013
7th  Added some editing functionality to the GEDCOM viewer

June 2013
15th Added a 'home-made' GEDCOM viewer to allow registered family members to upload their own or view our Orland family tree online

October 2012
30th Addition of David Nunes Martin (b.23-10-1870 to David & Frances Gomes Da Costa) who I'd missed out (Thank you Suzanne!)
30th All instances of "Martines" reverted to "Martinez" after being incorrectly changed (by me!) some time ago

September 2012
14th Whole family website converted to HTML5

April 2012
8th  Major re-laying out of the Orland parts of the website following the discovery of Benjamin Orland (Ireland) 1684

March 2012
13th Added church record scans to the Leicestershire Orlands page

June 2011
12th Altered button design and general site layout

May 2009
20th Instrument updates on the Personal Page

February 2009
23rd My Ancestor Tree updated - Abrahams family

April 2008
29th Winwick descendants Tree updated with Sidney Alfred Orland's family

January 2007
20th New photos on the Flore page
9th  Orland family tree from Creaton updated

December 2006
5th  Names added to Charles Orland's family portrait when 'hovering the mouse over'
5th  More Crofts ancestry added

August 2006
23rd Video clips embedded into the Orland page
11th Re-coded the whole website with PHP

April 2006
14th New photos for Winwick and West Haddon page

March 2006
24th Re-edited whole Family site with new css and menus

February 2006
25th Added Doc Type declaration to all pages and altered the site to conform with HTML Validation

November 2005
24th Corrections made to the Cook family on the ancestor tree

August 2005
9th  Home page re-laid out and Buy Prints link added

February 2005
10th Deleted "Coventry only" comments from the Family "comments page" and merged all years into one

January 2005
17th Gave Mandy her own website address -
2nd  Reorganised subfolders - included Steve & Mandy in Coventry folder

December 2004
24th Crofts family ancestry taken further back & Ancestor tree updated
7th  Updated some button & links for ease of use

November 2004
27th Tree links added to pages
16th Mandy's photo page added to Steven's Website.

October 2004
4th  Added William Orland's (b. 1857) Date of Death (22/6/1926)
2nd  Home page altered to add Steven Orland's photo link

September 2004
27th Added Collis family to "my ancestors" tree - now 13 generations in all
26th Added some new music clips and lengthened the older ones on the Personal Page
3rd  Link added to our son Steven's NEW WEBSITE full of his own photographs -

August 2004
14th Replaced unreliable Andale counters with "Webcounter" by

July 2004
8th  Replaced 1902 Miller family photo with a "touched up" improvement

June 2004
21st Added Family Research Advice page

April 2004
5th  Replaced old buttons with newer "3D effect" buttons
5th  Created a new "Orland Index page" to hopefully simplify navigation

March 2004
12th Made the Winwick Ancestor Tree into a "Click Map" linking to members of the Orland page
12th Made a separate tree diagram for the Flore Orland branch
10th Updated the Winwick Descendants family tree diagram
7th  John Mortimer's family portrait made into a "click map"
7th  Correction about Hebert moving to Coventry, made to Orland page
5th  Added Kilsby to 1891 census
2nd  Family portrait added to Winwick page

October 2003
9th  Sorted the Links page into sub-categories
8th  Modified Style Sheets for compatibility with Netscape browsers
30th Resorted subdirectories
5th  New census and family information added to the Miller page

September 2003
13th Background pattern "fixed" in personal pages
5th  Index to villages added to census pages
3rd  Changes to text styles in the Personal Pages
1st  Information and photos added to Flore page

August 2003
27th Added Census year links at foot of each census page
14th Flore page created
14th Ancestral Map extended southwards to include Flore
14th Click-Links added to Ireland Tree
13th Winwick descendant family tree updated

June 2003
4th  Launched "HISTORIC COVENTRY" website as a new domain -

May 2003
24th Changed main Coventry page title from "Old" to "Historic"
19th Page 6 started on "Now and Then"
14th All Maps altered to correct the line of Ironmonger Row
14th 1932 Map updated to 1937 to include Trinity Street
9th  The Old Rope Walk added to "Now and Then"

April 2003
30th Cook Street gate added to "Now and Then"
23rd Another "Now and Then" page
21st Gate names added to "Wall in 2000" map
21st "Unknown Ruin" added to Around Cov pages
20th New "Now and Then" page added and more photo's
19th Photo's and info. added to City Wall pages
18th New photo's and info. added to cathedral pages
17th Old Cathedral page updated
13th New "Historic Coventry" picture logo on home page
13th Railway added to Coventry boundary maps
11th Orland family added to 1901 census
10th Coventry boundary maps added
7th  Logo's added to the Web-Links page

March 2003
29th Additions to the Old Cathedral page
25th Info. added to "Now and Then" and map correction
23rd Coventry page alterations
20th More Now and Then material added
19th Now and Then material added
18th New Coventry "Now and Then" page launched
17th More Coventry page changes
10th Alterations to Coventry and Map pages
8th  More Coventry stuff added
7th  Coventry becoming a city, info. added
3rd  Info. added to the Creaton Orlands page

February 2003
28th Inserted "pictorial pop-ups" into ancestral map
25th Ireland link added to Family Index "Treemap"
23rd Photo's added to the Ireland/Orland page
23rd New West Haddon photo and minor family alterations
22nd More links added and Link page redesigned
22nd Added "wonky" pictures to Index page
21st Changed all other web-pages to new theme
20th New "rounded corner" family page theme started
19th Ireland / Orland family details added
17th Added explanation about finding our Ireland ancestry
16th Updated marriage details on family trees
15th Added Map showing where the family comes from
14th Various updates to Orland family pages
14th Ireland to Orland page added (Only photo's yet)
14th Creaton Orlands family Descendant tree added
14th Creaton Orlands page added
9th  Two generations (Irelands) added to the ancestry tree
5th  Notes added to the "Around Town" page

January 2003
24th Coventry page reorganised
23rd Link included for the Knowhere Guide to Coventry
13th Credits and sources added to Map pages
4th  A few more links added

December 2002
30th Scale corrections made to all maps
27th Added photo and information to the West Haddon page
26th Maps adjusted to show the exact route of the city wall
22nd Links added to text on the Home page
21st Made Coventry the primary site section
21st Changed buttons to themed colours
21st Added 1901 Census to Family section
16th Added link about Coventry's Celtic past on Coventry page
16th Updated the Personal page with Tokai Les Paul and photo etc.
14th Added 1841 to 1891 Census' to Family section
8th  Included Gosford gate in City Wall page
7th  New map added showing the city wall superimposed in the present day.
7th  Maps updated with more accurate city wall position
4th  City wall pages updated with information and Mini-maps
3rd  Location aiding "Mini-maps" added to Around Town pages
2nd  Home page title altered and description re-worded
1st  Spon Street photo added to Around Town page
1st  More information and photo's added to City Wall pages

November 2002
30th Third City Wall page added for Cox St wall
25th Altered the City Wall page to correct the route.
25th Added "hovering text" to the Home page buttons
22nd More links added
22nd More Coventry information added
21st Included surviving city wall in modern day map
17th Split "Around Coventry" section into 4 pages
16th Included Coat of Arms on the Home page
14th Small photos added to Coventry main page
8th  City Gates page split into 2 pages for quicker loading
7th  Cheylesmore Manor House added to the above pages
7th  Around Coventry page split into 3 pages for quicker loading
3rd  More photos and information on City Gates page and Map links updated
3rd  Map background added to Coventry page
2nd  Index added to Coventry page
1st  Indexes added to New Cathedral and Around Town pages

October 2002
28th Another video clip added to the Orland page
28th Video clips added to the Orland page
26th Added 1900 photo to Old Cathedral page and re-arranged layout
26th Revised page names for easier indexing
20th More Links added
18th Background pattern added to Index page
18th Revisions to Links page
17th Text changes to the Miller page
10th Minor design and text alterations
3rd  Home Recording section added to Personal page

September 2002
30th Changes to Coventry and City Gates pages
28th Text and photo's added to the "Around the City" page
27th Changed colour schemes on sub-pages
25th Changed Home page colour to Sky Blue
25th More "Click-links" added to Coventry maps
23rd More text and photo's added to the "Around the City" page
20th More music added to Personal page
19th New links added
19th Text added to the "City Gates" page
11th Text added to the "Around the City" page
10th Interactive Maps updated to link to photo's
10th Around Coventry page added
10th City Gates page added
7th  Site Map added
6th  Style Sheets used for the first time
5th  More stars added to the Personal pages backgrounds!
5th  Link to the 1901 census added on the Links page
4th  More ancestors added to the Ancestor Tree
4th  Information added to the Crofts page
1st  1901 census and info. added to the Miller page

August 2002
29th Personal views added to the Coventry page
26th Home page graphics redesigned
25th New links added to the Links page
24th Photos & info added to the Orland page
24th Contact page redesigned and photo added
24th Coventry Street animation improved
22nd Links page added
19th Personal page added including information and music
12th Birth certificates & info added to the Millers page
11th Street maps improved
3rd  Winwick Orlands Descendant Tree diagram added

July 2002
29th Time-Team dig photos added
19th Interactive Street maps added
12th Animated Street map added
7th  New Cathedral page added
7th  Old Cathedral page added

June 2002
20th Photos added to the Martinez page
12th Photos added to the Crofts page
9th  Martinez family page added
9th  Crofts family page added
8th  Photos added to the Winwick page
6th  Ancestor Tree diagram added
6th  Millers family page added
6th  Winwick & West Haddon page added

May 2002
24th Site first published

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