The Orland family - 1901 Census
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1901 Census of the Orland family

Census taken on the night of 31st March 1901

Relatives highlighted in bold are direct ancestors of our Coventry family.

| Winwick, Northamptonshire | West Haddon, Northamptonshire | Walsall, Staffordshire | Teeton, Northamptonshire | Rugby, Warwickshire | Long Buckby, Northamptonshire | Kettering, Northamptonshire | Great Creaton, Northamptonshire | Fairfield, Derbyshire |

Winwick, Northamptonshire 1901

NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
Esmy Orland65 Head Ordinary Farm Labourer Winwick, Northamptonshire 
Ellen Orland67 Sister At Home Winwick, Northamptonshire 

West Haddon, Northamptonshire 1901

119 Guilsboro Road:
NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
Charles A. Orland52 Head General Labourer Winwick, Northamptonshire 
Ellen Orland46 Wife  Winwick, Northamptonshire 
Charles W. Orland15 Son Gardener (Not Domestic) West Haddon, Northamptonshire 
Ernest F. Orland13 Son Gardener (Not Domestic) West Haddon, Northamptonshire 
Elsie E. Orland10 Daughter   West Haddon, Northamptonshire 
Thomas H. OrlandSon   West Haddon, Northamptonshire 
Edith N. OrlandDaughter   West Haddon, Northamptonshire 
Sidney A. OrlandSon   West Haddon, Northamptonshire 
NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
George B. Orland51 Head Shepherd on Farm Winwick, Northamptonshire 
Elizabeth Orland46 Wife  Church Stowe, Northamptonshire 
Arthur W. Orland19 Son Groom - Gardener. Domestic West Haddon, Northamptonshire 
Annie J. Orland15 Daughter Dressmaker West Haddon, Northamptonshire 
Ethel M. OrlandDaughter  West Haddon, Northamptonshire 
Gertrude SimpsonBoarder   London, Black Heath Hill 
Winnie SimpsonBoarder   London, Black Heath Hill 

Walsall, Staffordshire 1901

13 Mill Street:
NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
Alfred J. Mills36 Head Builder's Carter Walsall, Staffordshire 
Hannah Mills32 Wife  Coseley, Staffordshire 
Winifred MillsDaughter  Walsall, Staffordshire 
Thomas A. MillsSon  Walsall, Staffordshire 
Frank W. Mills9m Son  Walsall, Staffordshire 
Herbert J. Orland22 Boarder Railway Engine Stoker West Haddon, Northamptonshire 

Teeton, Northamptonshire 1901

Teeton Mill:
NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
Edward Orland39 Head Corn Miller Teeton, Northamptonshire 
Mary H. Orland47 Wife  Holdenby, Northamptonshire 
Mary Orland10 Daughter   Teeton, Northamptonshire 

Rugby, Warwickshire 1901

17 Abbey Street:
NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
William Orland43 Head General Carter West Haddon, Northamptonshire 
Alice Orland44 Wife  West Haddon, Northamptonshire 
Sarah J. Orland19 Daughter Corset Factory Hand West Haddon, Northamptonshire 
Mabel A. Orland15 Daughter   West Haddon, Northamptonshire 
Frank W. Orland12 Son   West Haddon, Northamptonshire 
Joseph Reader44 Boarder Bricklayer Sheffield, Yorkshire 
Thomas Smith30 Boarder Bricklayer Wilden, Bedfordshire 
Alfred Jones23 Boarder Bricklayer Ashford, Bedfordshire 

Long Buckby, Northamptonshire 1901

High Street:
NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
John Mortimer Orland43 Head S. O. Postmaster Winwick, Northamptonshire 
Elizabeth Orland41 Wife  Ashby St Ledgers, Northamptonshire 
Henry William Orland15 Son  Clark Brewery Office Kilsby, Northamptonshire 
John Mortimer Orland14 Son  Errand Boy (Grocer's) Kilsby, Northamptonshire 
Ethel Annie Orland10 Daughter   Kilsby, Northamptonshire 
Elizabeth Mary orlandDaughter   Kilsby, Northamptonshire 
Ada OrlandDaughter   Kilsby, Northamptonshire 
Ernest George OrlandSon   Kilsby, Northamptonshire 
Herbert Eric OrlandSon   Kilsby, Northamptonshire 

Kettering, Northamptonshire 1901

10 Thorngate Street:
NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
Frederick Orland34 Head Bricklayer Floore, Northamptonshire 
Mary Orland29 Wife  Grafham, Cambridgeshire 
Percy EllisStep Son  Alconbury, Cambridgeshire 
Alice OrlandDaughter  Kettering, Northamptonshire 
Olive OrlandDaughter  Kettering, Northamptonshire 
Louis OrlandSon  Kettering, Northamptonshire 
Cyril OrlandSon  Kettering, Northamptonshire 
Florence Orland3m Daughter  Kettering, Northamptonshire 

Great Creaton, Northamptonshire 1901

NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
John Orland45 Head Teacher of Music Creaton, Northamptonshire 
NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
Edward Orland64 Head Yardman on Farm Great Creaton, Northamptonshire 
Annie Orland62 Wife  Thornby, Northamptonshire 

Fairfield, Derbyshire 1901

NameAgeRel.M. StatusSexOccupationBirthplace
George W. Wilson37 Head Boot Maker Winwick, Northamptonshire 
Florence A. Wilson36 Wife  West Haddon, Northamptonshire 
Cecily A. Wilson16 Daughter  West Haddon, Northamptonshire 
Gertrude Wilson12 Daughter  West Haddon, Northamptonshire 
Leonard A. WilsonSon  West Haddon, Northamptonshire 
Eric C. WilsonSon  West Haddon, Northamptonshire 
Arthur ?25 Boarder Grocery Manager Scotland 
John Orland20 Boarder House Painter West Haddon, Northamptonshire 
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